Independent dairy in the heart of Soho

Painting of the Soho Dairy stall on Berwick Street Market by artist Dave Crocker.
Painting of the Soho Dairy stall by artist Dave Crocker

Soho Dairy is an award-winning London dairy sourcing produce from independent farms across the country. We provide high-nutrition, reduced-emission milks, creams, cheeses and coffee to the local community; and supply restaurants and hotels across the West End, including Ham Yard and Andrew Edmunds.

The white stuff
the right way

Milk is precious, it’s been a source of nourishment for humans since time immemorial. Unfortunately, modern pressures and profit incentives have led the dairy industry down a destructive path. But it doesn’t have to be done that way, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. We source our produce directly from select independent farms across the country; working with farmers, nutrition specialists and the natural world to improve land and herd health and reduce emissions. Just as important as the earth, are the people who inhabit it. Our farmers get paid above the cost of production, ensuring fair compensation for their hard work. In turn, our customers not only receive the highest quality produce available, they become investors in a fairer, more sustainable future for dairy farming.

We supply locally by cargo bike and on foot, keeping quality high and emissions near zero.

West End heritage

Soho Dairy is based on Berwick Street Market in Soho. With its roots going back to the 17th century when dairy cows grazed in this very same spot, on the pastures of Kemp’s Field. When Berwick Street was laid out in 1687 by licence of James II, the grazing cows were moved into local parks. Then, as these parks became Royal Parks, the cows moved once again, this time to milk stalls on the roadside. The West End no longer fit for a cow, it’s since been populated by Huguenots, artisans, creatives and chefs; with dairy being brought in from further afield. Today, the Soho Dairy stall sees the return of a farm gate to Berwick Street.

Pitch 1122,
Berwick Street Market

The Soho Dairy stall on Berwick Street Market functions as an urban farm gate, providing the community with high-quality, organic farm produce; including milks, creams, butters, award-winning artisan cheeses, biodynamic eggs, and fresh coffee made with our signature blend second crack Ethiopian coffee beans, and the dairy or plant-based milk of your choice. The stall is open Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 3 pm.